Corporate Histories & Family Archives

Alongside her career as a biographer and journalist Jehanne also writes and researches history for both organisations and families.

Corporate Histories

Jehanne Wake has written a number of well received corporate histories and articles for both public and private organisations.

These include:

Thwaites: The life and times of Daniel Thwaites Brewery
Daniel Thwaites Brewery is one of the foremost family controlled companies in Britain. This is the story about the Thwaites family from medieval beginnings, the founding of the brewing dynasty in 1807 up to the present day. Published to mark the centenary in 2007 the book is illustrated throughout with photographs and family trees.

Carnegie 2007

Beyond The Banking Hall
This is the saga of three immigrant German families, the Andreaes, Kleinworts and Martins, who became highly successful in Victorian England only to have their loyalties tested and lose nearly everything in the First World War. Jehanne interviewed family members, was given unlimited access to family papers and used photographs and memorabilia to illustrate the story. A CD and detailed family tree were also produced to accompany the book.

Sutton 2000

Kleinwort Benson, The History of Two Families in Banking
Oxford University Press 1997

This is the history of two business dynasties, the Kleinworts and the Bensons, whose partnership established one of the leading merchant banks of the 20th century. Jehanne Wake tells the fascinating story of the building of a great business empire and reveals the personalities who played a part in the banks often dramatic past.

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Family Archives

Jehanne Wake likes nothing better than getting her hands dusty delving in family archives. Having worked at Dresdner Kleinwort Benson as group company archivist and overseen the cataloguing and transfer of the Kleinwort Benson Archive to the Guildhall Library, she is happy to catalogue family papers and advise on their preservation.

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